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March Feature

In 2020, we began the work of centering Black people, their stories, and shared experiences. Moved by the undeniable evidence of the destruction of Black bodies and Black lives, many prominent people with large platforms united to leverage their privilege and influence to Pass the Mic. It was a coordinated effort to amplify Black voices in the wake of the assassination of George Floyd and countless others. As a country, we spent 2020 talking about the violence that happens when white women become Karens—when Black bodies become targets for white men in power. In 2021, we will own our narratives and pass the mic to ourselves. We will define what it means to be beautiful, Black, whole, and free. What it means to be love and joy and healed. 

All donations benefit Emma’s Legacy Foundation.

The purpose of Emma’s Legacy Foundation is to support Black women with the tools and resources to expand their inner capacity to heal, dream, create, and actualize as their higher selves. Emma’s Legacy Foundation is healing the diaspora by centering the spiritual and intellectual authority of Black women. 

The current work of Emma’s Legacy Foundation:

Black Girl Mixtape is a Safe Think Space created to center the intellectual authority of black women.

We are a MultiPlatform|MultiCity Lecture Series
& Talk Tour creating sacred space for black women’s voices and wisdom to be celebrated.  

Dream Yourself Free is a 6-Month MasterClass Intensive is for Black women that have been saying they want to actively co-create their lives with the divine but feel like they don’t have the tools or the strategies to begin. Dream Yourself Free is asking these women to lean into ease, play, and dreaming as a major part of our healing and that the ease, play, and dreaming are active parts of our co-creation.

A Year of Black Joy is a Live Instagram series featuring influential women from academia and entertainment.  Created and hosted by EbonyJanice, this groundbreaking production centers Black joy, Black peace, and Black ease. 

Sacred Text For Black Folks Soul: A Book You Should Leave on Your Altar