My name is EbonyJanice and I started The Free People Project years ago because my heart was broken. It didn’t even have a name yet but I knew my life mission was to “Minister to the BrokenHearted, Empower People Into Truth, & Remind Us Of Our Infinite Capacity To Do All Things!” My own wellness, mindful healing journey began with me feeling jealous of a woman on my timeline because she was happy and I was not. I started meditating, literally, for 60 seconds a day and THAT was a HUGE success and a major part of the testimony of my wellness journey. I once heard someone say, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.” Those 60 seconds were a game changer for me because it was my start. Those 60 seconds taught me to “Begin Today.”

When I launched Dream Yourself Free in 2019. I wanted to have conversations, most specifically with Black women, about creating our lives from a place of dreaming and not just from a place of resistance. Here I am a year later, having workshopped this topic with several groups and lived into the co-creation of ease on a whole new level in my own life. I am ready to share this amazing work and journey with you. (The Masterclass is open to ALL WOC but the praxis is still Womanist, and therefore will always center and ensure the safety of black women in the space by any means necessary).

This 6 Month Dream Yourself Free MasterClass Intensive is for all the women that have been saying they want to actively co-create their lives with the divine but feel like they don’t have the tools or the strategies to begin. Dream Yourself Free is asking us to lean into ease, play, and dreaming as a major part of our healing and that the ease, play, and dreaming are active parts of our co-creation.

What is on the other side of healing? The health you desire? Yes. The dream projects you want to manifest? Absolutely. The healthy relationships you have always dreamed of? Certainly. The finances you can currently only hope for? Definitely.

I am honored to have 6 incredible co-facilitators and a host of guest supplemental material contributors that will all be bringing their expertise to this Masterclass Intensive. I am excited to be healing and journeying with them as well because I know our time together is going to stretch and strengthen me as we work to stretch and strengthen you. There are limited spaces in this Masterclass Intensive so secure your spot today by visiting the registration page HERE!

In closing, remember what Baby Suggs said in The Clearing in “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. “The only grace you can have is the grace you can imagine!” And then recall that our Beloved, Solange affirmed for us that she saw things she imagined. Everything is possible. I am looking forward to finding the healing and the remembering in our imaginations and dreaming ourselves free together, soon.

In Deep Grace,

EbonyJanice Moore
Founder of The Free People Project
Dream Yourself Free Creator



“Khadijah and Zakiyyah Abdul-Mateen are identical twins, intergenerational healers, trauma informed mental health specialists, daughters of the earth, and students of their breath. They are the Founders of |un|earth + bloom, which is a space that uses psychotherapy (talk therapy), trauma informed yoga, and other meditative practices, to address the physical and psychological manifestations of trauma among black women and girls. 

Zakiyyah is a licenced EMDR clinical therapist who uses meditative practices to reduce anxiety associated with traumatic memory. She specializes in both adult and adolescent trauma. Khadijah is an international trauma informed yoga instructor with a mental health background, and a trainee in somatic experience. Her work is centered on addressing the intergenerational trauma memory of violence amongst Black women and girls. 

These twin sisters’ believe in using the body and breath as a sight of healing and liberation and have dedicated their practice to assisting Black folks, particularly blak women and girls, in gaining access to their healing power.”


Jade T. Perry (M. Ed) is a BlackQueerDisabledFemme practicing Contemplative & Spiritual Activism. As a co-Founder of the Mystic Soul Project (501c3, Non-Profit Organization), she works to “center people of color in healing, mysticism, and activism.”

Jade has extensive training in Integrative / Interdisciplinary Arts, 7+ years of experience in Social Justice & Higher Education. She mixes these disciplines in order to provide training, project & org consultation, and workshop facilitation on a variety of topics. [Read on for testimonials & click here for most requested topics].

Jade carries on the tradition of Folk Healing in new ways, attempting to expand upon & re-interpret the gifts given by her foremothers. She is attuned to Reiki Level II and developed the intuitive gift of clairvoyance in the Black supernaturalist church. Now as a multi-faithed, sex-positive, Black Feminist spiritual advisor & folk-healer, you can find her discussing POC-centered wellness, art-as-ritual, or providing individual tarot reading or energy healing sessions.


Thea Monyeé is an accomplished self identified Black Woman Creative with credits including appearances on HBO, BET, Spectrum, OWN, Fox Soul,  and TV One; performances at the legendary Ford Amphitheater and House of Blues in Los Angeles; countless college tours, presentations and keynotes; and commissions to perform for the NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and other national organizations. 

Monyeé’s unapologetic work stems from her unwavering commitment to healing and her belief that true healing can only occur in a liberated and non-oppressive society.  Monyeé is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has contributed to online publications such as o For Harriet, UpSpoken, and Black Girl in Om online publications; co-host of Dem Black Mamas podcast- Kinship Partner of Black Mamas Matter Alliance and art contributor to Project Row Houses 50th Round on Race, Health, & Motherhood; solo host of Shaping The Shift Podcast; and Director of Decolonization for the multimedia platform Black Girl Mixtape and co-creator of The Free Joy Experience; co-creator of EverWell, and intervention and education program to promote wellness for artists and their teams; as well as curator of The Blacker The Brain Decolonizing Mental Health Series.


EbonyJanice Moore is a womanist scholar, author, and activist doing community-organizing work, most specifically around black women’s body ownership as a justice issue, black women’s access to ease, joy, and play, and Hip Hop as a tool for sociopolitical and spiritual/religious movement making. She has created curriculum for leadership development for high school-aged girls in Kenya and South Africa, developed programming for teenagers in housing projects in Decatur, Georgia giving them exposure to culture, STEM programs, and the arts, and she supports the tuition of several girl students at PACE High School in Nyahururu, Kenya – towards her passion to ensure gender parity in spaces considered “the least of these.”


EbonyJanice has presented papers on Hip Hop as Liberation Theology, Hip Hop As The Language Of The AfroFuture, Black Girl Hand Games As Spiritual and Religious Ritual, Beyonce & African Spirit Justice, and Hip Hop And Womanist Theology at Princeton University, Columbia University, the University of Chicago, the Institute of Buddhist Studies, the Graduate Theological Union, University of Southern California, and UC Berkeley.


Jennifer Arnise is an author, Healer and Transformational Coach. She’s dedicated to breaking the “Strong Black Woman” culture by teaching women how to live in more passion, joy and ease. Her work around helping Black women heal their deepest emotional pain around the toxic and painful relationships with their mothers continues to challenge the way the Black community talks about race, religion and mothering. Jennifer  lives in Atlanta with her teenage son and their dog Bella.


Natalie Cook is a filmmaker, poet, and theater-maker. Natalie’s poetry film, “Backwards God,” received the Best Social Justice Film Award at the New York International Film Awards and was the Grand Prize Winner of the AT&T Film Awards. She is the founder of Atlanta Word Works, as well as an alumna of the First Wave Hip Hop Theatre Ensemble, the BARS Workshop at The Public Theater, and the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program. She received a Bachelor in Arts in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing and Afro-American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Master of Arts in Film, Black Studies, and Art Education from the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Sacred Text For Black Folks Soul: A Book You Should Leave on Your Altar