I’m so glad that you’ve decided to commit to a full year of spiritual growth. Dream Yourself Free came to me in 2019 when I realized that I had been creating my life, as a black woman doing justice work, from a place of resistance. I wondered what it would look like to create this life and lean into my own liberation from a place of magic, wonder, and dreaming. Over the next twelve months, you will begin the work of becoming a whole, free, dreaming, and actualized woman. Your new mentors are phenomenal healers who will guide you on your spiritual journey. My hope is to remind us all that co-creation is an active healing, renewing, and remembering self-informed daily reality.

Live Session I: Power Tools with EbonyJanice – January 30th, 12pm CST

I will be teaching on the topic of daily morning ritual creation using The Power Tools: Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations, and Morning Pages. These tools are going to radically transform your life once you learn the balance and the discipline of showing up for yourself daily. The resources you’ll receive throughout the month are supplemental materials to prepare you for this month’s mentoring work.


January’s Supplemental Materials

Each morning you will receive an email containing a written exercise or recorded affirmation. The exercises are not meant to produce any angst or anxiety. Do them at your leisure. I created this series especially for you. I know how much you have going on in your life, and more often than not, how little time you have to focus on YOU. So take your time. Be gentle with yourself, get curious, and have fun.


Here’s a peek at what you can expect over the next 30 days:

Practicing Gratitude

Balancing Everything

Your Body Is The Temple

Reassessing Goals and Intentions

Building Bridges

Powerful Communication

Some technical things to go over:

Make sure your inbox is good to go to accept these assignment emails from freepeople@thefreepeopleproject.com

If for some reason you do not receive something from me each morning, check your junk mail. You might just find that it’s hiding out there.


Welcome to Day 1

“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.

May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless…” – 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Holistic Wellness is not a brand new concept that health practitioners created for the sake of selling more vitamins or that grocery stores market for the sake of selling you more kale and pomegranate juice. Holistic Wellness is a vital concept that we must be empowered into in order to live whole lives. Here’s the thing – we spend a great deal of energy trying to lose weight or beautify our body (our outward man)… we even put energy into being spiritually well… but very few of us deal with the soul space.

We are a 3 part Man. So we MUST deal with all three aspects of who we are in order to live a life of balance and a life of wholeness. Which was the plea of Paul to the people of Thessalonica, well, because it’s important!

Holistic Wellness is being well in our bodies, our spirits and our soul. We can do this by, first, acknowledging that we’ve been neglecting ONE or ALL parts of our total wellness.

Download today’s worksheet: Day One

Open today’s recorded affirmation: I Am Watching God


Day Two:

Here’s today’s recorded affirmation:

Day Two (recorded affirmation): I Bring the Light With Me


Day Three:

Here are your day three activities:

Recorded Lesson: Affirmations Lesson

Gratitude Exercise: Day Three


Day Four:

I was thinking about the major areas of our lives and I narrowed my list of things that are important into a list of 8. I am suggesting that there are 8 Major Areas of Your Life and EACH of these areas are important and need to be acknowledged so that you can live whole, free, balanced lives. And that’s what you want right? You want BALANCE! You want to be a whole person and secretly/not so secretly you want to be released from the bondage of ___________ whatever it is that has been holding you back from being your most authentic self (we’ll get to that soon)!

So here are the 8 Major Areas of Your Life (according to The Free People Project)

*Note: I wrote this list with no judgment. Read this list and do not judge yourself. Just look at the thoughts and answer the questions as honestly as you can. Be sure to remember what you thought while you were reading this list and journal those thoughts in Day 5 of your Free People Journal.

1. Family Life – How you manage your home and your interactions with the people in said family on a day to day/week to week/month to month/year to year basis.

2. Love Life – Are you single? Are you dating? Are you married? Are you “in a situation?” Are you a widow? Widower? What is your current status as it pertains to a “love” or “passion” relationship?

3. Spiritual Life – What does your prayer life look like? When is the last time you meditated? Do you have consistent interaction with the Creator? Are you connected in any way to your spiritual self?

4. Friendships – How do you define friendship? Do you have friends? Do you have associates? How do you interact with them? How often? How infrequently? Do you feel that there is something missing? Do you feel that they are more available to you than you are to them? Do you feel like you are more available to them than they are to you?

5. Work Life – Most people spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their families. How much time do you spend at work? How much time do you spend commuting to and from work? How much time do you spend on work once you get home? Do you interact with your coworkers outside of your work?

6. Finances – What does your bank account tell you right now about your priorities? What were the last 10 purchases you made with your debit card? Do you have a savings account? Are you saving money? Is money a major value system for you? If not – why? If so – why?

7. Physical Wellness – Are you overweight? Are you underweight? Are you in incredible health? What are your health goals? What physical activity have you done recently? Be honest and communicate with yourself WHY you don’t do more physical activity. Be honest and communicate with ourselves WHY you spend so much time doing physical activity.

8. Mental Wellness – Do you feel anxious often? Do you feel rushed often? Do you feel like you are overwhelmed? Are you afraid to take action? Do you feel like you are at peace? Do you feel like you are stressed? Do you communicate your feelings, thoughts, emotions, desires to anyone? How often? How seldom?


Day Five:  Meditation

Guided meditation

You can use the attached Guided Meditation every day for the rest of your 21 days. Feel free to copy it onto a cd and play it in your car or put it in your iTunes and listen to it as often as you feel you need some type of guided assistance meditating and getting to a place of stillness.

*Begin to prepare your mind and your heart for the fast that is coming up on Day 9. It’s a fast of your choice – but you should start today getting it in your heart and mind that it’s coming in a few short days.


Day Six: 

Here’s your recorded affirmation for today.


Day 7: Family

This is what I know for sure:

Family can be the hardest thing in life to balance because we love them so much. And because we love them so much we tend to give them much more of ourselves than we really have to offer. Think about your time, your energy, your resources, your gifts, your talents, your physical self, your presence, your spirit, your prayers, your kind words, your advice – wrap all of those things up into a ball and we’ll call all of that “Your Stuff!”

*You are a container. A vessel. Your container/vessel has been filled by God (The Most High/The Creator) for your lifetime use. You are supposed to share Your Stuff with others. Of course… but what will happen if you give all of that away?

Use Day 7 worksheet to assess where you stand regarding giving your family more than what you have to give… OR not enough of what you have to give! Don’t make any judgments about yourself based on this activity. I just want you to take your time to NOTICE where you are.

*Don’t forget – your Day 9 fast is coming up in a few short days. It’s a fast of your choice – but you should start today getting it in your heart and mind that it’s coming a few short days.

Your Day 7 Worksheet


Day 8: LOVE

We learned a little bit about energy and vibrations a few days ago, but I want to introduce this conversation on love by refreshing your memory.

Everything is full of energy.

It’s scientific. It’s not spooky or scary. It just is.

So because everything is full of energy we are pulsating electricity on a regular basis.

That just is…

There are two major emotions: Fear and Love.

Fear is a very low vibration. It is when your energy is vibrating at a very low current.

Fear has many other symptoms – hate, unhappiness, bitterness, depression, etc.

When you are feeling these things, you are vibrating your constant internal energy at a very low volume.

Love is a very high vibration. it is when your energy is vibrating at a very high current.

Love has many other symptoms – joy, gladness, happiness, contentment, peace, etc.

When you are feeling these things you are vibrating your constant internal energy at a very high volume.

Love is the highest vibration. The frequency of love is the most powerful force in the universe. It has the power to create and heal all life.

Today’s lesson seems complex, but it’s actually very simple. Today you are to spend 120 seconds (2 minutes) sitting still in a quiet room, with your eyes closed concentrating on your heart. Remember the guided meditation audio from Day6. Take deep inhales and fill your lungs. Exhale with noise and release your breath. Now still yourself, close your eyes and focus on your heart. For the next 120 seconds tell your heart that you are love. God is love. God is Emmanuel which means God is with you. Therefore Love is with you. Love is present. Love is powerful. You are the image of God. Therefore you are the image of Love. You are the likeness of God. Therefore you look like Love.

The purpose of this lesson is to continue to direct you towards the powerful path of shifting your internal communication from low/fear thoughts to high/love thoughts. This is going to radically transform your life. Commit. Go!

*Your Day 9 fast starts tomorrow. It’s a fast of your choice – but you should start today getting it in your heart and mind how you are going to be present in this fast the entire time that you’ve set aside to fast.


Day 9: Spirit

I was thinking about how I could empower you to strengthen your spirit and the thing that came to my heart was: FAST!

In my book, “Five Miles to Jesus: The Radical Worship That Saved My Life” I talk about how “Fasting and Praying” were literal worships that kept me alive in a season of brokenness, depression, and even suicidal heaviness. I never strategized a plan – but there were absolutely nights that I had “Take Me Lord” on repeat.

One MAJOR thing, amongst a HOST of things I learned from that season, is that fasting is the thing that will teach you how to train your spirit and your will (soul) while sacrificing something in your body.

Today is your choice. You can fast however you see fit. The definition of fasting, however, does include pushing away from your plate. A few suggestions for fasting could be a morning fast (6am-12noon) or a full day fast from (6am-6pm). If you are on any type of medication please consult your physician before beginning a fast.

Today is about balance and strength in the spirit.

“These kind will only come out by fasting and praying!” – Mark 9:29

What are “These Kind?”

Whatever brought you to this program… that’s a “These Kind.”


Day 10: Friendships

Khalil Gabran says that “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility.”

Today’s lesson is about balancing friendship.

There are a couple of different thoughts I want you to ponder:

  1. How are you balancing the responsibility of being a friend?
  2. How are you balancing the energy you are giving to individual friend relationships?

Those are two different things. One is a question of whether or not you are too busy for or the opposite (too needy/clingy) in a friendship. And the other is a question of how much of “Your Stuff” do you bring to the table or keep from the table in the relationship. Remember we talked earlier about “Your Stuff” being your time, your resources, your wisdom, your ideas, your energy, etc.


Day 11: Work

This is such a huge topic… but remember every day not to judge yourself or the work that you are doing. The goal is to really spend these 21 days becoming aware of where you stand so that you can decide where you want to go from here.

So you’re looking for balance in your work life?

Let’s start by looking around your office space and getting things in order.

If you’re like me – you love folders and order and everything has its perfect place. Or you might have a different system where there’s a method to your madness and no matter how chaotic your space may look to me – YOU know where everything is. No judgment. However, today is the day to get things into some kind of order. Here’s why: studies show that people that have organized workspaces tend to have less clutter in their minds as well. Since we’re working towards balance in every major area of our lives let’s start by getting that office space in its most tip-top shape!


After you have straightened up your workspace, go to the store and buy a pack of sticky notes. That’s all you’re responsible for today. Moving forward, we are going to be using those sticky notes more often and consistently.

You ready?



Day 12: Finances

Today is a light day.

Today is a heavy day.

It depends on how you perceive it.

Check in with your internal communication.

What is it saying to you about your finances?

You may be financially stable. That’s fine. Balance will keep you there.

You may be living check to check. And that’s fine too. Balance will empower you into a new direction, should you choose to really take on this challenge.

I started off by saying today is a light day because the message that I have is really not complex at all…

You have whatever you say.

That’s all for today. Journal. Spend time on the activity in the manual. Listen to yourself.


Take one of those sticky notes you bought yesterday and write down the following:

“I have whatever I say.”

Now take that sticky note and post it on your bathroom mirror. Even if you live with other people–boldly post that declaration in a public place. it’s a space that you will pass, likely, more frequently than any other place in the house.

Leave the note there until further notice. Every time you go into the restroom “Notice” it, say it to yourself. Speak it out loud. Internalize that you have whatever it is that you are saying.

Say it out loud now!

“I have whatever I say!”



Day 13: Physical

I know. You want to be in the best shape of your life and you’ve been wondering when we were going to get to this conversation. But the reality is – you had to start having your thoughts shifted before we could get to this point.

So… Day 13! We’re talking about Balance. Let’s go!

Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs.

Exhale and release.

In 2011 I lost 80 pounds and radically healed my body from many of the symptoms of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome that I had suffered from for years. I share more about this in my book “Five Miles to Jesus: The Radical Worship that Saved My Life.”

One major thing that empowered me into this place was using “walking” as worship. For me shifting my focus and allowing my sacrifice to be a God-thing gave me everything I needed to be able to get up every single day and get out there and walk. However, for you, it may be something else. Setting the intention for your exercise is what’s going to make the difference. The reality is it will be very difficult to do it on your own with just your will power. Your will is being strengthened in these 21 Days as you commit to doing this work – but we’re still walking through this process so there’s more to learn and more space to grow. However, as I said, setting an intention can be powerful in helping you commit to your goal of walking or exercising and finding balance in your physical person.

For me – God was my intention.

What’s your intention going to be?


Day 13-Day 21, I challenge you to use the “Walking Guide” below to progressively increase your walking capacity from 10 minutes to 30 minutes over the next 8 days.

Day 13: 10-minute walk

Day 14: 10-minute walk

Day 15: 10-minute walk

Day 16: 15-minute walk

Day 17: 15-minute walk

Day 18: 15-minute walk

Day 19: 20-minute walk

Day 20: 25-minute walk

Day 21: 30-minute walk

*You may want to listen to your favorite song on repeat from your headphones while you walk. That can be very helpful in motivating you.

*You may want to use this time as meditation or prayer. That can be very helpful in motivating you.

*Walk outside if at all possible instead of going to a gym and walking on a treadmill. Being in nature breathing in and out as you walk helps you raise your vibration.


Day 14: Mental

Audio – Affirmations

Listen to this teaching on the power of affirmations. Listen to this teaching on repeat and repeat these affirmations out loud. Feel free to copy it onto a cd and play it in your car or put it in your iTunes and listen to it as often as you feel you need some type of guided assistance affirming yourself, your body, your spirit, and your soul.


1. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight.

2. God is enough. I am enough.

3. I forgive you for your ____________ and release you in love. (smile and mean it)

4. Goodness and mercy are chasing me every day of my life.

5. Emmanuel is abundant. Abundance is present with me.

6. My body is a temple of the most high. I am whole. I am. healed and divine. This is holy ground.

7. I know that you are for me.

8. I receive God’s love for me.

9. I am at peace with all that has happened.

10. God is near to the broken hearted and saves the one with the crushed spirit.

Day 14: 10-minute walk


Day 15: Checking In

Hi! We’re at Day 15 already! It’s time for you to do a self-assessment.

Do you need to reassess your goals from Day 1?

What progress have you made thus far?

Where do you see that you have room for growth?

Have you skipped any activities? Write down your reasons for skipping that/those activities, then set aside some time to back and work through them.

Having looked back at your goals from Day 1? Name one thing that you think you could be doing every day to be more successful at seeing your goal come to fruition.

Today’s Download 


Day 16: Creating Your Own Affirmations

I can share my affirmations with you and you can repeat them daily – but today is about taking the time to create your OWN affirmations. There is nothing more powerful than hearing the cry of your soul and responding with an affirming word from YOU that will move you from this station in your life to the next.

Create your of Affirmations Worksheet


Welcome to Day 17: Creating A Community of Accountability

Accountability is the condition of being accountable or responsible. When you have an accountability partner you are in a state of being accountable and responsible to, for or with that person. Today’s lesson is about being strategic about identifying (or creating) your Accountability Community.

Why am I calling it a community?

Well – I think it’s very valuable to realize that there may be different people in your life to whom you can be accountable to or “need” to be accountable to. For example: My accountability partner regarding my spiritual well-being is a pastor and wife couple from the church I used to go to. I check in with them whenever I’m in a space that I need to talk through and they check in with me to see where I am when they haven’t heard from me regarding my spiritual wellbeing in a while.

This doesn’t mean that my friends and family never check in on this area… but this specific relationship is strategically in place so that if NO ONE else knows how I’m doing spiritually these two people know how I’m doing spiritually.

On another hand, when it comes to my career goals and passions there are two people that I am accountable to specifically and strategically. One is my best friend and the other is my mentor/friend. Both have unique insights and are always challenging me to dig deeper and to go harder whenever I share something new with them. They check in with me regularly and I know that they will offer me valuable advice and constructive criticism whenever I need it.

The strategy and action plan on my end is to have conversations with people, build relationships with people and structure my life in a way that I can never fall completely because there’s already a community in place prepared to hold me accountable before I go too far from the mark.

Who is your community?

Download today’s worksheet.


Day 18: Powerful Communication with Yourself

Today is a day for forgiveness. One of the most powerful communications that you have with yourself is that of forgiveness. We’ve touched on this a little bit during the day where we discussed affirmations but here’s another moment to reflect on the power of forgiveness in this process of finding balance in your life.

Holding on to hurts, past offenses and bitterness is like walking around with baggage. If the singer Erykah Badu hasn’t taught us anything else, hasn’t her song “Bag Lady” been an incredible reminder of releasing “baggage?” She says,

“Bag lady. You gon’ hurt your back.

Dragging all them bags like that.

Nobody ever told you…

all you must hold on to…

is you

is you

it’s true!”

Today I want you to sit with this truth for a moment. Close your eyes, deep inhale and fill your lungs. Exhale and release. Now meditate on forgiveness. See yourself dropping off bags. Putting down the heaviness of the un-forgiveness and receiving the possibilities of being lighter, freer and more balanced. See yourself happy and whole.


“I forgive you.” “I forgive me.” “I forgive the situation.”

Deep exhale again.

Now smile.

And mean it.

Today’s Worksheet

Day 19: 

I read an extremely powerful book a while ago called The Four Agreements. One of the “agreements” was to never take anything personal. This basically means that whether someone has something “good” or “bad” to say – don’t take it personal. Essentially this says that if someone is speaking negatively about you, you do not have to take ownership of it, accept it as truth, or agree with it. Ultimately you have the power to take the power away from words by not agreeing with them.

In the same right, when people are showering you with praise, do not take that personal either. Why would you not want to make an agreement with something good? Well… what happens on the day that person is not available to shower you with praise? Will all of those things not be true? You shouldn’t take anything personal because those truths belong to the other person. What you should do is find out what is the absolute truth for you and no matter what anyone else says for or against that truth you continue to stand firm in your truth. Don’t. Take. Anything. Personal.

Having said all of that, today’s lesson is simply “Don’t try to force your truth onto others.” This will help you to have powerful communication with others because instead of waiting for the chance to prove someone wrong or tell someone “how it is” you’ll be actually listening to them, hearing them, and “maybe” even growing with them.

This isn’t easy. But it’s a great practice to get into. I’m recommending you read The Four Agreements as soon as you can. It’s an incredible book by Miguel Ruiz.

Today’s Pages

Affirmation: I am a Whole Person


Day 20: Self Trust

“Health is not merely the absence of illness, but the active promotion of wellness.” – Detroit Metropolitan Black Women’s Health Project 

Post in the forum and tell me what the quote above means to you. This teaching is all about holistic living. How do you view holistic living having gone through this course with me?

Today’s lesson is about self-trust because it’s time for you to know, not because I said so, but for yourself that this is important, valuable self-healing work.

Action Item: 

For the past 20 days, I have been guiding you with information and action items to walk towards living a balanced life. Todays’ action item is for you to schedule your own action items for the next 11 days. You will receive an affirmation download each morning for the next 11 days. You can use these affirmations as a starting point or as a supplement to your new action items. 

As you create your new action items, think about how will you implement this work into your life going forward. Use your Sticky Notes and your phone alarm to help you fortify your strategy!

Affirmation Download

Create Your Own Affirmation (Days 21-31)

Over the last few weeks, I have been guiding you with information and action items to walk towards living a balanced life. Todays’ action item is for you to schedule your own action item. You will receive an affirmation download each morning through the end of the month. You can use these affirmations as a starting point or as a supplement to your new action items.

Day 21: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I Am Wise

Day 22: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I Know I Can Be

Day 23: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: My Romantic Love Life Is Becoming More Goals By The Day

Day 24: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I am the cause and the cure

Day 25: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: Doors open for me ease

Day 26: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I am a master teacher

Day 27: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I am full of great money-making ideas

Day 28: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I am the standard

Day 29: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I am watching God

Day 30: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: Everything is Already Alright

Day 31: Here’s your recorded affirmation for today: I know I can be what I wanna be

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email freepeople@thefreepeopleproject.com.


Sharde D. Martin

Live Session II: Deepening Our Prayer Lives with Sharde D. Martin 

February 27th

Sharde D. Martin is one of Atlanta’s best up-and-coming treasures. Through insight, wisdom, and innovation that transcends her years, she’s quickly emerging as a powerful transformational thinker and prophetic reformer that isn’t afraid to challenge blockades of the status quo in an effort to bridge generational gaps. Her explosive ministry is earmarked as one of prophetic impartation, deliverance, and intercession.

In addition to ministerial pursuits, Sharde is fiercely passionate about impacting the marketplace. She’s the owner of the Atlanta upstart Sharde Martin Unlimited. Through the instrumentation of creativity and cutting-edge solutions that aren’t limited to the religious sector, Sharde is committed to a purpose of activating gifts, drawing out destiny, and intensifying the potential of generations to come.

I am happy to introduce you to Sharde D. Martin, your facilitator for the month of February. She will be teaching on the topic of Deepening our Spiritual Life Through Prayer. Sharde is sharing Pain Killers: Properly Managing Pain & Actualize Your Best Life Through Prayer as your supplemental material for this month. You will receive a total of three lessons leading up to Sharde’s live session on February 27th.

Thea Monyeé

Live Session III: Pleasure with Thea Monyeé

March 27th

Thea Monyeé is an accomplished self-identified Black Woman Creative with credits including appearances on HBO, BET, Spectrum, OWN, Fox Soul, and TV One; performances at the legendary Ford Amphitheater and House of Blues in Los Angeles; countless college tours, presentations and keynotes; and commissions to perform for the NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and other national organizations. Monyeé’s unapologetic work stems from her unwavering commitment to healing and her belief that true healing can only occur in a liberated and non-oppressive society.


Monyeé is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has contributed to online publications such as o For Harriet, UpSpoken, and Black Girl in Om online publications; co-host of Dem Black Mamas podcast- Kinship Partner of Black Mamas Matter Alliance and art contributor to Project Row Houses 50th Round on Race, Health, & Motherhood; solo host of Shaping The Shift Podcast; and Director of Decolonization for the multimedia platform Black Girl Mixtape and co-creator of The Free Joy Experience; co-creator of EverWell, and intervention and education program to promote wellness for artists and their teams; as well as curator of The Blacker The Brain Decolonizing Mental Health Series.

I am happy to introduce you to Thea Monyeé, your facilitator for the month of March. She will be teaching on the topic of Pleasure. Thea is sharing her essay, Inheriting Pleasure with you as your supplemental material for this month. You will receive a second resource leading up to Thea’s live session on March 27th.

Download Inheriting Pleasure

Week II:

Welcome to Week Two of Spiritual Mentoring with Thea Monyeé. I hope you find this content helpful. This week, Thea is sharing Uses Of The Erotic by Audre Lorde. As you read these supplemental materials, please take a few moments to share your thoughts in the DYF forum.

Download Uses of the Erotic


Sacred Text For Black Folks Soul: A Book You Should Leave on Your Altar