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Digital Archivist

Executive Director of Operations & Media Relations
The Free People Project Executive Director, Emma’s Legacy Foundation Project Manager, Dream Yourself Free

Social Media & Merchandise  Lecture Series Coordinator

Director of Creative Visioning

MEET The Free People Project Interns

MEET Nirel

Nirel JonesMitchell is a writer and investigator of how emotions could feel without racialized capitalistic political institutions. More specifically, she employs womanist wondering in asking the interpersonal, intrapersonal, and contrabinary question: what does relationship look like when black folk get free? For the Free People Project, she helps with digital archiving: deep note-taking the A Year of Black Joy project which centers the brilliance of black women and femmes embodying black liberatory joy. She is a Bay Area-type perfectionist and Los Angeles-type dreamer who attempts to embody the Alexis Pauline Gumbs quote, “Harriet Tumban said ‘my people are free’ in the middle of slavery,” which is a fancy way of saying she has always been interested in infusing notions of “what is” with “what can be.”

MEET TahZane’y

TahZane’y is a 21 year old Published Author, poet and publisher. She attends New Jersey City University, her major is sociology with a minor in creative writing. She is the CEO & Founder of Purpose Before Pressure Publishing. TahZane’y is deeply rooted in sexual assault awareness. Mentoring girls who have endure a traumatic experience. Creating a healing space, a space for understanding and learning self love. She is currently work on the #PreachEb’s for the Free People’s Project as an Intern.

Sacred Text For Black Folks Soul: A Book You Should Leave on Your Altar