Affirmation Cards + Affirmations Mixtape


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A LITTLE SELF HELP AFFIRMATION CARDS (includes a free download of EbonyJanice’s Affirmations Mixtape)

A stack of Affirmation Cards created with your desires, needs, and particularly your VOICE in mind. It makes no sense to repeat affirmations in a way that you wouldn’t speak. And if you’re going to speak to a mountain you have to speak the language of a mountain in a way that makes sense to your particular mountain. These cards will help you do just that!

Additionally, you can use these cards daily like tarot cards and pull a card every morning during your meditation and prayer time and let it guide you throughout the day. Sometimes I (EbonyJanice) pull 3 or 4 a morning and write them over and over again in my journal as a way to solidify them in my mind. Affirmations are good for changing our dominant thoughts to affirming thoughts. This matters because you have whatever you say and you say what you predominantly think!

Change your mind. Change your life.

Each card features a unique design and a powerful affirmation.

Ships in 10-15 business days.

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