DYF Masterclass Sponsorship


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Your purchase of this product will pay for the registration of a Black Woman or WOC to have access to the full 6 months of this masterclass intensive.


EbonyJanice + 6 Monthly Workshop Facilitators + a Host of INCREDIBLE supplemental material contributors on a 6 Month Masterclass Intensive healing journey.

The Monthly sessions begin in March 2021.

đź”®Healing Towards Our Heaven On Earth
đź”®Intergenerational Healing
đź”®Raising Your Vibration
đź”®Creating Rituals For Resistance
đź”®Worthiness Healing
đź”®Pleasure As A Principle
đź”®Meditation Mindfulness
đź”®Religion As Manifestation Ritual
đź”®Powerful Active Visualization Teaching
đź”®Shifting Your Success & Money Blueprint
đź”®Journal Healing With The Artist Way
đź”®Writing Ourselves Free
đź”®Guided Meditation Tools
đź”®Guided Yoga Classes
đź”®Guided Exercise Courses
đź”®Food Vibration (Manifestation Healing)
đź”®& many other strategic and specific workshop tools
for healing and dreaming yourself free

Learn more about this work (and a payment arrangement option) at www.thefreepeopleproject.com/dyf

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