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I know you’re going to think I’m lying but I have met so many GROWN black women that have never seen The Color Purple. It really makes me physically tired to even think about it. In my opinion a black woman that has NEVER seen The Color Purple (and has no desire to see it – which is even worse) can NOT be trusted!

I am not sure if my Youtube family knows about my #PreachEb videos on Instagram. Follow me @ebonyjanice and look for the hashtag #PreachEb and get your life. However… Today’s message was a little more extensive than my normal #PreachEb series so I’m bringing Preach Eb to you! I GOT THE KEYS!

Years ago I read Joan Morgan’s “When Chicken Heads Come Home to Roost” and this was a conversation inspired by that book. Follow @ebonyjanice on IG and Twitter Like

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my obsession with the incredibleness that is a black man. They are my brothers. My friends. My fathers. My Uncles. My Nephews. My Lovers. Gah… They so fine! I wanna make them all mine! @ebonyjanice IG and Twitter Like. Comment. Subscribe.

Not StrongBlackWomen

“To the memory of black women: whose bodies were destroyed in the middle passage / whose bodies were abused and chewed up in the maw of slavery / whose bodies were tortured and lynched / whose bodies were defiled and discarded / whose bodies lie in unmarked and unattended graves” – M. Shawn Copeland, #EnfleshingFreedom 🙏🏾
And to the future of black women: who have the right to name themselves / who have the right to protect themselves / who have a lot to be mad about / who have a right to be mad about / who have a right / who have a right / who have a right – EbonyJanice 🙏🏾
Read: “Too Heavy a Yoke by @drchanequaand “When Chicken Heads Come Home to Roost” by #JoanMorgan because #blackfeminist and #womanist have been trying to give language to black women’s unique position as unseen and unprotected for too long. Listen. #TheFreePeopleProject
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